Absolutely gorgeous

Tailor made wedding ceremony – intimate and “quite delightful” – in a 1830 ballroom, “very regal and worthy of this momentous occasion” – 80 guests from the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

“We were looking for someone who we felt comfortable with and who we could relate to. It was also important that we had someone who could perform the ceremony confidently in English. We wanted everyone to feel relaxed and engaged, for both of us to feel connected, and to feel the significance of this lifetime commitment we are making to each other. It’s a big deal.

We felt confident that we found all those things in Sophie. From the moment we started speaking to her on Skype we felt calm, at ease and connected with her. We felt she was open and eager to listen to our needs. Sophie is passionate about what she does. We felt it meant something for her to do our ceremony. It wasn’t just a money making job for her, unlike other registrars we spoke with and who we felt cared less.

We met when living in Australia and both our families are living in the U.K., so our wedding felt as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and our relationship to our cherished ones. There was a lot to be told and Sophie did a great job. The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous.

The biggest compliment we got was from one of our least talkative cousins. He said: “That was absolutely amazing! So great to hear how you met. We couldn’t know these things, it was so nice to get this information.”

We hadn’t been married earlier so we did not know what we wanted, but we did know what we wanted to feel and we definitely felt that way. It was not only enjoyable for our guests but for us too, and we don’t think a lot of people can say that about their ceremony! Since that usually is the nervous part of your wedding.

The whole ceremony suited our personalities really well

We didn’t really know what was coming but it was lovely to hear Sophie relate our stories. The whole ceremony suited our personalities really well. She didn’t use a lot of formal words but told our story.

Sophie and the ceremony set the tone for the rest of the day: all felt really relaxed and present. Dips: While answering the questions, Michael opened up in a way never seen before. Michael: It’s about asking the right questions!

Thank you so much for the ceremony Sophie, it was…just…perfect. I can’t find any other word than ‘gorgeous’. Thank you for everything.

We couldn’t have wished for anything better.

Michael (31, design engineer, Scot with an Irish background) and Dips (33, planning manager, English with an Indian background) met in Australia, moved to the Netherlands in 2018 and married on 30 December 2018 at Paushuize in Utrecht. They had a tailor made, fully English spoken ceremony in which Sophie wed them before Dutch law.

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